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Read on to learn how my in-depth certified training in Transformational Coaching combined with my personal journey can help you too “spark your change” to begin feeling, looking and living your very best!

About Me

My journey to optimal health and wellness has been quite a ride to say the least. Rollercoaster, anyone? While struggling with gaining 60 pounds with 2 beautiful babies (each!) within 17 months in my 20’s, cancer and hypothyroidism in my 30’s, hormonal challenges and hypertension and the life challenges of divorce and an empty nest in my 40’s (whew!), I either sought solace in unhealthy food choices, fad diets, skipping meals, overindulging, and/or excessive exercising only to wreak havoc on my body and metabolism.

I found my adrenal levels crashing (couldn’t keep my eyes open by afternoon) and my cortisol levels high (couldn’t move the number on the scale), and despite a trainer, diets, mantras, self-help books, community and prayer, creating lasting change simply seemed out of my reach. I know all too well the exhaustion, confusion and frustration with trying to overcome what life was throwing my way, while wrestling with my limiting body image beliefs, my struggle to lose weight, and the utter disappointment of failing at yet another fad fix diet our culture assured was the ultimate answer. I was stuck, drained, frustrated and unhappy with the image I saw in the mirror.

It wasn’t until I uncovered and then transformed my daily habits; my blocking behavior patterns and my limiting beliefs that I was finally successful at mastering lasting change.

Embracing these proven methods and holistic approach has not only transformed my health (weight loss, increased energy, lower blood pressure, better sleep) but also how I feel and engage in every aspect of my life. Now, at almost 50, I’m more energetic than ever and truly feeling and living my very best.

Maybe you’re tired of being tired, struggling with yo-yo dieting, feel drained and stuck and/or are confused about the plethora of diet and nutritional information out there and just don’t know where or how to begin. Maybe you too have counted points and calories only to lose weight, gain it back and more while also wreaking havoc on your thyroid, metabolism, hair, skin, sleep and energy. Or maybe right now you’re in the midst of the stresses of loss, life changes, and/or great challenges and know you need to take better care of yourself and that something has to change. I understand. I’ve been there and can help.

By incorporating each individual’s very personal story, sense of self and source, I help facilitate lasting change in helping my clients enjoy the ease of living a life of optimal health, vibrancy, and vitality to truly feel and live healthier, more empowered, more inspired and more connected than ever before!

Whether your goal is weight loss, lowering your blood pressure, eliminating sugar, reducing stress, sleeping better, clearer skin, rocking that pair of jeans, dress, suit, swimsuit, or looking in the mirror loving what you see and living in peace with your body, I encourage you to begin TODAY! Healthy living doesn’t have to be a life of deprivation. Lasting change is made in the mindset shifts where healthy living transforms beyond what you do to simply who you are.

Curious? Ready to show up for yourself in a way you never have before? Let’s create your optimal health and wellness roadmap so you too can fully thrive and engage in life in a new and healthier way! It’s my honor, joy, and privilege to help you on your journey and invite you to reach out to me today.

In gratitude and in service to your very best!