by Carlene Murray

If you’ve ever heard the saying, “Your Health is Your Wealth” and chances are if you’re here, you’ve come to realize this vital truth in your life. Truly a season of partnering with a coach can certainly pay life long dividends in one’s overall wellbeing.

Town & Country’s article, entitled, “Why a Health Coach is 2020’s Spiritual Guru” (January 2020) cites that, “health coaches can play such an important role in the wellness journey of their clients. Typically, when the client finds the health coach, they’re feeling sick…maybe they’re frustrated with their experiences with the healthcare system – doctors aren’t listening to their non-acute problem or they’re throwing prescriptions at the issue.” As a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I couldn’t agree more.

My clients come from various and diverse backgrounds each with a unique story that has motivated them to seek my help. From weight gain, hormonal issues, digestive problems, chronic pain, stress, and sleep disorders to diabetes, hypertension, cancer and more, the utter frustration or confusion they experience surrounding their health care and wellness plan often propels them to seek a partner on their journey to wellness. Many times, the lack of time, attention, support, and alternative therapies offered in our traditional health care arena plays a predominant role and is a common catalyst that motivates someone to seek my help.

As a Coach, my clients receive a safe and focused space to dive in and really explore their health concerns on a weekly basis with me. In this focused time, we pull back the layers of what’s going on, what they are experiencing in their bodies, how they are feeling, and how this may be permeating other aspects of their lives as well. 

Together we embark on a supported goal setting adventure – a process unique to each individual client and is really exciting to witness. Clients may arrive with similar health challenges but everyone’s blueprint, their health history, personal story, their “bio-identity” is a unique one that brought them to their current state of “unease” in their body or “dis-ease” if you will. Together, we embark on the individualized process, plan and program always with this in mind.

The real beauty of health coaching is having the consistent support, knowledge base and weekly one-on-one attention that is all about changing the clients’ current experience and transforming that experience into feeling and living a healthier life. As their Coach, I navigate the journey with them as a dedicated and focused partner crafting and supporting a customized program unique to their lifestyle. The health changing tools and options I share always of course include what each client’s doctor, nutritionist, and/or therapist provides for them as well. 

I teach my clients from the extensive training I have received in functional nutrition and transformational coaching with an in-depth knowledge of habit change. We approach change thoughtfully, step by step, with great care, measurability and positivity. At times, if needed, we revisit, reexamine and step back if a certain approach isn’t effective, and then together “course correct” and implement a new tool. It’s a foundational building approach that has proven extremely effective and successful in mastering lasting habit and lifestyle change. 

Moreover, I honor and see each and every client’s “bio-individuality” in that there is no one diet, no one blanket approach and/or tool that is “one-size-fits-all”. This is the heart of what I do in seeing each client’s uniqueness and creating a program that is just right for them. For me the partnership is truly gratifying in witnessing the transformational victories along the way and sharing in a season of real growth and change for the clients I serve.

In gratitude and in service to your very best!